Points Based System – Tier 4

The Immigration Rules provide for children and adults to apply for leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom in order to study.

Tier 4

As a prospective United Kingdom student intending to undertake a course of study in the United Kingdom, your application will be considered under the Tier 4 (General) Migrants category under the points based system. If you are a student intending to visit the United Kingdom in order to undertake a short course of up to six months and do not wish to work during your stay, you will be required to satisfy different rules.

Tier 4 Requirements

There are three main requirements for Tier 4 (General) applications. Firstly you must be offered a place on a course at a United Kingdom institution which is registered on the Home Office register of sponsors and obtain a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies from the sponsoring institution.

Secondly you must show that you have sufficient funds in order to satisfy the Home Office that you are able to meet the course fees and you will be able to support yourself and any of your dependents during the period of study without having to rely on public funds. As part of the application you will be required to provide evidence of cash funds in a bank account. The amount of cash funds depends on the location and duration of the course.

Finally you will have to show that you possess the appropriate level of English depending on the course of study you intend.

The rules and guidance in this area are complicated and subject to frequent amendments. The Home Office guidance sets out detailed specifications for the supporting documents that must be provided. Failure to adhere to these requirements is likely to lead to an application being refused. Many applicants encounter problems in providing the correct evidence. You may therefore wish to obtain legal advice in order to ensure that you comply with Home Office requirements.

If your application is successful you will have restrictions placed on your stay relating to employment whilst studying. The nature of this restriction will vary depending on the level and duration of the course of study. Students are now also restricted in the number of years they can continue to study in the United Kingdom depending again on the level of study undertaken.

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