Our Service and Prices

Our pricing structure and the service we provide.

We can assist you throughout the entire immigration and asylum application and appeals process. We do not offer legal aid but our prices are extremely competitive.

Rather than charging you by the hour we offer to do your case for a fixed fee so you do not have to worry about charges changing during the preparation of your application or during the appeals process.

When we first meet you we will charge you a consultation fee of £100. We will ask you lots of questions so we can establish how straightforward or complex your case is and then we will be able to tell you what fixed fee we will charge. If you then agree our fixed fee and want us to deal with your case we will deduct the £100 from the fixed fee.

You must pay your fixed fee before we carry out the work.  That way we are able to keep our costs as low as possible.

There may be different stages to your case and each stage will attract its own fixed fee. For example we will charge one fixed fee for dealing with your application and then if your case goes to appeal we will charge another fixed fee for the appeal. This way you know exactly what you are going to be charged.

You will also have to pay any disbursements such as the Home Office fee, interpreters fees, medical report fees and barristers fees. We will tell you as soon as we can what these might be. Disbursements are different in each case depending on what is required.

Sometimes our fees will have VAT added on but only if you have settlement in the UK.

If you do not we will not charge you VAT.  Many of our clients do not have to pay VAT as they do not have settlement in the UK. We will advise you about the VAT issue once we see you at the consultation.

Our experience and qualifications

Our firm has an outstanding reputation. You will always be seen by a qualified solicitor or a law society accredited caseworker. All our supervisors have many years of experience. You will always be in good hands.

How long will the case take?

Every case is different so it is difficult to say how long the case will take but once we meet you we will try and give you some idea. Sometimes the Home Office say that they will deal with your application within a certain time so this can help us estimate how long the case will take. If the case goes to appeal then how long it will take will often depend on how soon the court can list your case and unfortunately we do not have any control over that. It can take weeks or even months.

Pricing and costs information for applications.

Please note that all prices shown are average starting prices. The fixed fee may be higher depending on the complexity of your case.

1. British Citizenship £600
2. Spouse visa  £1,100
3. Child visa £1,300
4. Adult dependent relative visa £2,000
5. EEA family permit £900
6. Visitors visa £750
7. Family reunion £750
8. Applications under the Tier system £750 to £5,000
9. EEA  Applications £750 to £1,800
10. Settlement applications £750 to £2,000
11. Extensions to leave applications £750 to £2,000
12. Travel document applications £500
13. Section 120 reps £600
14. Bail applications including advocacy £1,000
15. Administrative Review £600
16. Lodge appeal £300
17. Lodge appeal, advise and prepare court bundles £1,200
18. Draft Grounds £350
19. Permission hearing £2000
20. Court of Appeal £3,000 to £20,000
21. Judicial Review £2,500
22. Emergency Judicial Review £3,500
23. Reading previous reps file  £350
24. Consultation £100
25. In depth advice letter £300
26. Employers letter £30
27. Certifying documents  £8 per document or page
28. Sign travel document £50
29. Deportation revocation £2,000
1. Interpreters £150 per session
2. Translations £30 per page
3. Medical reports  £50 to £2,000 but costs may vary
4. Barristers £350 to £10,000 depending on complexity
5. Experts [DNA testing etc]  £800 but costs may vary
6. Home Office fees There is no average as fees vary and frequently change