Asylum Law


If you have been forced to leave your country and are unable to return because of fear you will be persecuted for your race, religion, nationality, political opinion or due to you being a member of a particular social group, it is open for you to make a claim for asylum in the United Kingdom.

Humanitarian Protection

In some case it may be appropriate to grant you  humanitarian protection where  you are found not to be a refugee under the Refugee Convention but you are nevertheless at risk of serious harm on return to your country of origin. Humanitarian protection  will only be granted if you do not fall to be recognised as a refugee but you require protection nonetheless. We at  Irving & Co can assist and represent

We have specialist lawyers who will be able to talk you through the process, advise you on the evidence that you will need to provide and make the application for asylum or Humanitarian Protection on your behalf.

Refugee Status

If your asylum claim is successful, then you will be recognised as a refugee and granted leave to remain as a refugee for a period of 5 years.  You will then be eligible to apply for your family to join you under the Family Reunion rules. You will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain after 5 years.