The team at Irving & Co have an enviable track record of winning appeals.

If your application has been refused by UK Visas and Immigration, then you may be afforded a right of appeal against the decision.  Irving & Co can advise on every decision to refuse an application that is taken by the Home Office or decisions taken to refuse entry made by a British overseas post (i.e Embassy or Consulate).  Should you decide to appeal a decision by the Home Office or Consulate, we will be prepared to assist you by drafting grounds of appeal, drafting your witness statements and statements of third party witnesses, preparing the appeal bundle and instructing experienced Counsel to represent you at court.

The purpose of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber is to hear and decide appeals lodged against decisions taken by the Home Office and Entry Clearance Officers.

A part of the Ministry of Justice, the Immigration and Asylum Chamber has been set up to be independent of the Home Office.  Appeals are heard in a number of centres around the United Kingdom.

There are two ways of lodging an appeal.  One is to request a paper appeal and other is to request an oral hearing.  If you make an appeal you will usually be advised to attend an oral hearing with your legal representative.  The Home Office will also have a legal representative at the hearing.

The Immigration Judge or panel will decide whether your appeal against the Home Office decision is successful or not.  This is known as the decision being allowed or dismissed.  The Tribunal’s decision will be given to you in writing and it is called a determination.  In certain circumstances it may be possible for you to appeal against the Tribunal’s decision.  The Home Office may also be able to do this.

Irving & Co can assist and represent at each stage of the appeal process and we have a high success rate of appeals being allowed in favour of our clients.